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Clexane (Enoxaparin sodium) Safety Lock* Training Webinars

Get ready to switch to Clexane Safety Lock

Sanofi has made the decision to switch to Clexane Safety Lock as part of our ongoing commitment to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries. 

This short 15 minute webinar will support your hospital’s transition to Clexane Safety Lock by helping you to:

  • Understand what’s the same and what’s different between Clexane (without safety lock) and Clexane Safety Lock
  • Familiarise yourself with Clexane Safety Lock’s injection process, and
  • Know where to access training materials for your colleagues as well as resources for your ward and patients

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Date Time
Friday 17th January 2:30PM AEDT REGISTER
Tuesday 28th January 2:30PM AEDT REGISTER
Thursday 30th January 2:30PM AEDT REGISTER
Monday 3rd February 2:30PM AEDT REGISTER
Wednesday 5th February 2:30PM AEDT REGISTER
Tuesday 11th February 2:30PM AEDT REGISTER
Friday 14th February 2:30PM AEDT REGISTER



HERE for more Clexane Safety Lock training resources. 

 Date of preparation: August 2019. SAANZ.ENO.19.08.0409


*Clexane Safety Lock has an automatic safety lock system


enoxaparin sodium

CLEXANE® and CLEXANE® FORTE (enoxaparin sodium)
PBS Information: CLEXANE®. General Benefit Antithrombotic agent. Refer to PBS schedule for full information.CLEXANE® with Automatic Safety Lock System. Refer to PBS schedule for full information. CLEXANE® FORTE. This product is not listed on the PBS.

Please review full Product Information before prescribing. Full Product Information is available HERE or from sanofi australia pty ltd at 1800 818 806.

Further information available on request from Sanofi.

®Clexane is a registered trademark of sanofi-aventis australia pty ltd.